Skype for Web (Beta)

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Skype for Web Now Available Worldwide

Supported languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

After launching Skype for Outlook, Skype has to share more good news for people that use Skype on their browser – Skype for Web (Beta). It  is now available for all new and existing users in the US and UK.

Anyone in the US and UK going to can sign in and connect to Skype for Web and be able to start conversations with their friends. There is no need for downloading the Skype app.

Skype for Web is perfect if you want to quickly get to your calls and IMs on a bigger screen of your desktop computer. Or perhaps, if you’re sitting by a computer in an internet café that doesn’t already have Skype installed you can just go to and sign in with your Skype ID and password.

Skype for Web is an important step for Skype as it developed by implementing the Real-Time Communications (RTC) technology.

Conversations sync automatically

If you already have Skype account, after signing into Skype for web you will see your contacts and conversations. So, whether you use Skype on a mobile, tablet, native desktop app or a TV, you’ll see your latest chats in your browser.

Excellent timeline

Skype for Web has an improved way to search for people and groups on Skype.There are no more two separate lists for contacts and recent conversations, now Skype for Web introduces a timeline view – a single, searchable list that makes it easier to start new conversations and find existing ones.

Skype for web timeline


Support for all conversation types

Video calls, instant messaging and audio calling with a friend or group of friends, Skype for Web gets you to the conversation quickly from your desktop browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox). The plug-in installation is required before making or receiving the first call.

Download Olcinium Skype Lite Client

Olcinium has developed it’s own Skype client which can be downloaded from: Skype Lite Client

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