Significant Changes To The News Feed

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Earlier this week, Facebook  said it was changing the News Feed algorithm so that posts that you are not interested in are less likely to appear at the top. Generally, the order of your News Feed is based on how much you like, comment, click or share similar posts.

To gain a better understanding of how to improve the News Feed, Facebook said that it asks over a thousand users to rate their experience every day and provide feedback about how to improve content — which is known as Feed Quality Panel. And Facebook surveys tens of thousands of users around the world to learn more about how well their feed is being ranked. Users are asked to rank each post from one to five stars while responding to the question: “how much did you want to see this story in your News Feed?”

How Facebook is determining which posts to penalize isn’t entirely clear. They mention a Feed Quality Panel of over a thousand users. A survey of tens of thousands of people each day. And a 5 star rating system. Thus they’re taking a sample of Facebook posts from which they’re learning things about content trends that would indicate something ingenuine about the post’s initial appeal.

The question is, What’s the post characteristic Facebook can detect in a survey and map to all similar posts to reduce the impressions those posts receive in the News Feed?

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