Send a Location in Facebook Messenger

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About Location in Messenger

Over the past few months, Facebook has been working on a new way to send a location as part of a conversation in their Messenger app. After going live with this option in June, users can choose to explicitly send a map of their location or another particular place as a separate message.

Sharing Facebook location

To send a location, users need to tap the More icon or the location pin at the bottom of the Facebook messenger screen. There is an option to search for places and sending the map where the place is. For instance, if you want to tell a friend which restaurant to meet you at, you can search for the restaurant and send a map of where it is.

The most important thing with this update is that users now have full control over when and how they share location information. The location info is sent only when the location pin is tapped and then chosen to send it as a separate message.

Facebook location

Send location on Facebook messenger

Facebook location is optional

Sending a location is completely optional. Nothing is changing about how Facebook receives user location information. As always, Facebook Messenger doesn’t get any location information from the device unless user enables location services for the app.Either, it doesn’t request any new permissions for your information.

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