New Features in Windows 8

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The transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8 introduced a number of new features across various aspects of the operating system Windows 8 booting speed is much better than windows previous operating system. Among these included a greater focus on optimizing the operating system for touch screen-based devices (such as tablets) and cloud computing.

Windows 8

Speedy Boot Time:

The load and boot up speed has improved significantly over Windows’ predecessors. This is partly due to the better resource allocations to applications and the system. When compared to Windows 7 desktop CPU, Windows 8 has an even speedier boot time.

Dynamic Desktop:

The tiles-based interface, or the Metro UI, will be the first thing you see upon logging in to Windows 8. At first glance, the UI seems to go intuitively with touchscreen devices like tablets and smart phones. Indeed, in such devices, you tap on those apps to open them. The grid layout seems to facilitate such interactions. Needless to say, you can customize your grid by adding and arranging applications.

Improved Search Function:

Windows 8 has no search box at the bottom of the Start menu. Heck, it doesn’t even have the trademark Start menu! That doesn’t mean that there’s no convenient search function available. All you need to do is to type anything, and a search box will appear from the right and give you the results. The search capability is even stronger this time, displaying all the matching apps and files


Window To Go:

Windows to go allows users to make a copy of their OS complete with their settings, wallpapers, files and even apps, into a USB thumb drive. Plugged it into another computer with Windows 8 already installed, and you can boot up the PC and make it look exactly alike the OS you normally use, with all settings intact.


Windows 8 perform great Multitasking than other. Windows 8  lets you work the way you want. Move easily from one thing to another by multitasking on any Windows PC or tablet.

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