– for fast messaging

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Facebook has another website and it offers fast, slick free messaging.

The best thing is that it is ad free website. lets PC users to send messages on phones via Facebook’s Messenger service.

If you’re already logged in to Facebook, you’ll be prompted ‘Sign in with Facebook,’ and won’t even have to enter a password.

It is very similar to Facebook’s existing Messenger app, so users can send their messages, and they do not have to pay anything to mobile carrier.

The service is accessible from any internet browser.


Facebook has a 'secret' second website which will MELT YOUR BRAIN
This is what you won’t see (Picture Facebook)

‘One of the fastest growing and most important members of our family is Messenger,” said Mark Zukckerberg at last year’s Facebook developer’s conference.

‘Facebook used to be this single blue app and it did a lot of different things, now Facebook is a family of apps. Moving from being a single service to a family of apps is the biggest shift we’ve made in our strategy in helping connect people.’

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