Feature of Ultimate IP Changer

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If you want to use your computer more than one network. You have to switch the IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway, DNS, and Proxy. Ultimate IP Changer is software that can change ip address quickly.

Ultimate IP Changer

Well, ultimate ip changer is the software of changing ip of computer. It is called network switching. You can have multiple profiles to change ip address. IP changer provides an anonymization proxy for your computer, but it does not change setting of your system. IP Changer is a small program to change ip and view your IP address or DNS/WINS between four different configurations. IP-Changer can connect your multi clients with OTS in same time. You only need one version of program to connect with OTS for different protocol.

Ultimate ip changer is easily available on internet you can download it from Get Computer Repairs website for free. It is very easy to install. See Get Computer Repair’s – updated new website, once you install software you can use it.

Main features of Ultimate IP changer:
• Main features of this software are as you can see current ip address and quickly change (or switch) the ip address.
• This software provide facility of switching the Transmission control protocol and Internet protocol (TCP/IP) profile or network by only one click without reboot the computer.
• This software also Support multiple network adapters including fixed and wireless.
• Ultimate ip changer supports the windows vista, Xp, 2000 and window 7.
• This software increase the privacy of computer and it has ability to change the ip address.
• Through this software you can save multiple TCP/IP profiles by using the meaningful names.

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