Facebook is about to read your facial expressions

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We could see a more expressive version of the Like button

Facebook has been working on into some of the more experimental new products and apps.

Instead of simply pressing Like, users could use their smartphones to take a selfie and Facebook AI algorithm could read the user’s face expression and switch it into an appropriate smiley or sad or indifferent face, said Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox.

Like button

Is it going to become a history?

“This is not on our roadmap, we don’t know how to build this. It actually seems really hard, but it’s the kind of thing unlocked by the power of all the different sensors on the phone.”, said Cox.

Ideally, Cox said, if this idea works, Facebook could roll the format out officially, and it could become the norm — a little like autoplay video is now becoming commonplace — across Facebook and the wider web.

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