Facebook is about to add profile tags

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Facebook’s profile tags

Facebook is testing a new feature that will let your friends add tags to your profile. The new feature is currently being tested in New Zealand. Labels can be added to users profiles either by users themselves or by their friends. In case that a friend adds the tag to the profiles, it need to be approved by the user, so it can appear on his profile

Facebook is copying LinkedIN?

A similar feature like this already exists in LinkedIn where users can add their skills to their profile. Skills can also bi suggested from their connections.

Facebook profile tags

Facebook profile tags


With this new feature, Facebook is both pulling features from other sites but also adding yet another layer to an already complex experience — the social network seems to want to be your one stop-shop for connecting with friends, catching up on news, watching videos, and, with this latest update, maybe even connecting with strangers who have similar interests. How tags will actually be used though, is as yet unclear, but on LinkedIn it was one of the most abused features beacause LinkedIn skills are often used as a joke, with users sending each other humorous skills to see if they will be listed on their profiles.

Facebook’s official statement on profile tags

A Facebook spokesperson elaborated on the idea:

In addition to the standard ways of letting people know who you are on your Facebook profile, profile tags let you express your identity in a more informal way. We believe that friends can also add a unique perspective to who you are and what makes you special that you may not even think about putting on your profile.

For example, when you introduce friends to each other, you might share a unique characteristic or something they might have in common, like “…Connie is an avid cyclist too!”

This strengthens bonds between friends and helps Connie’s new friends learn something interesting about her. Now you can do this on Facebook too: compliment your friends, make your friendship even stronger and help others learn interesting and fun facts about your friends.

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