Facebook about to send you a notification – if you’ve been targeted by trolls

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Social media network Facebook has come up with a new tool to stop a particular type of creepy activity – and if you’ve been affected, you might be about to get a notification.

Someone on Facebook app

They’ve invented a new tool that alerts them to accounts with the same names and photographs, letting them know if a user’s details are being stolen.

So if anyone takes your photographs or name and tries to pretend to be you, they’ll know about it and will quite helpfully send you a notification.

Then, all you need to do is flag it up to Facebook and a dedicated team at the company will set to work dealing with the imposter.

t’s all part of the site’s efforts to fight back against trolls . Facebook’s head of global safety Antigone Davis told Mashable : “It’s a real point of concern for some women in certain regions of the world where [impersonation] may have certain cultural or social ramifications.”

According to reports, it’s already been rolled out to 75% of the site’s users since the company started testing the feature in November.

So if you haven’t already received a notification, you might be safe from copycats. Then again, you could have a notification heading your way soon…

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