Check out best Google Android apps for newbies

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Free Android Apps to benefit from
One of the top best things about Google’s Android mobile operating system is the enormous collection of crafty developers continuously working away on new mobile software applications for Android smart phones as well as tablets. In other words, Android is ultimately the software. In addition there’s definitely no shortage of Android apps. As such, navigating Google’s Android Market can be intimidating for new or newbie users, to say the least. Thus we specially selected few free Android apps that every Google phone or tablet owner, either you’re a newbie or old-user, could benefit from installing.

Facebook for Android: Facebook for Android offers the entire basic Facebook Web-functionality, counting access to your battery news feed as well as Friends’ status updates. You can upload photos as well as view albums, also write on Friends’ Walls and respond to posts on yours. A Facebook Places feature allows you “check-in” to diverse locations. And you can message connections using the app’s built-in chat feature.

Facebook chat

Twitter for Android: The entire Twitter users with Android devices must download the most accepted Twitter app on the Market: the official Twitter for Android app. The software boasts an instinctive and visually likeable interface. And though more advanced, feature-packed apps are present like Plume for example-Twitter for Android offers the entire basic Twitter functionality you’ll need for free, with no ads.


Google Maps for Android: Google Maps is the vital mobile-mapping app for Android smart phones. View your recent whereabouts on a Google map, based on GPS or cell-tower-location; acquire walking/driving directions; share your recent location with friends, using Google’s “Latitude” service; as well as much more.

Amazon MP3 for Android: Amazon MP3 for Android is a very important application for the entire mobile media fans. With easy navigation as well as a clean user interface, Amazon MP3 for Android makes it simple to find and buy the songs and albums that you look for, over Wi-Fi or your cellular network. Free “Songs of the Day” mean you can often download new music without ever dropping a dime. And “Daily Deal Albums” are constantly available.

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