Benefits of using Facebook messenger in Iphone

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If you are iPhone lover then of course you might be aware of the Facebook Messenger app. The most excellent part is that this app is designed to assist you interact with your friends from dissimilar platforms across your Facebook profile.

There are few interesting things that this app brings for you. Now the question is arising here that if this app is worth downloading.


Initial basis

You will need to download as well as install the app and get initiated by using your Facebook credentials or simple by entering your phone number. This is pretty compatible with iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S. In case you are utilizing your phone number then you will receive a confirmation SMS on your iPhone, this is once you have already used your phone number in your Facebook profile. If you have not offered your phone number you will be asked to enter it in the due procedure. When you are done, the UI welcomes you with the Facebook white and blue theme.

Now, you will be capable to see your current conversations that will be displayed in chronological manner as well as the unread messages will be highlighted in bold. Use swipe function to delete, mark spam or archive a conversation. You can even swipe to mute a conversation thread and this will assist you silence notifications for a specific thread for as long as you want or in fact until you undo your action. The only thing that you do not get is the capability to block a user, for that you will still require to log into your Facebook account.

Its features

The best thing about this messaging app is that you will know once your message is read or when another user is typing a response. The UI is interactive as well as responsive with animations that are amazing. You have the choices of adding pictures, 15 seconds audio and video, locations even a vast thumbs-up. For adding a video, tap and hold the Send button and for sending picture tap the Send button.

In addition Group chats are just like any other chats in your messenger thread that would incorporate more people from your list. You can remove yourself from the group or mute it if you find it annoying. One more thing to observe is that the admin of the group has no special freedom; any user can add or remove another user. You will love it for its international IM feel that is similar to Google Hangouts. You can also select to show yourself available or invisible.

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