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Facebook Chat @ Desktop

Facebook Chat @ Desktop is a light-weight client that enclave in your PC or Laptop, like any other messenger software, and will notify you right away when some moments or activities takes place in your Facebook stream, providing balloon style notification once you obtain friend requests, new messages, event invites or group invites.

Simple Video Converter

Simple Video Converter is a free, fully-featured, multi-format video converter that enables you to convert video files between the most popular formats. Simple Video Converter supports media formats used by most major portable and mobile devices, including PSP and iPhone..

Facebook @ Desktop

Facebook @ Desktop is a light-weight client that sits in your system tray, like any other messenger software, and will alert you as soon as some new activity happens in your Facebook stream, providing balloon style alerts when you receive new messages, friend requests, event invites and/or group invites.

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Twitter @ Desktop

Twitter @ Desktop is a perfect handy application when you just can't wait to open your browser to see what's going on in your Twitter timeline. With this program you can instantly get a new tweet from your timeline. Also, you can search for friends, follow them as well as unfollow them.

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Ultimate IP Changer

Ultimate IP Changer ‚Äď an easy to use tool that helps you change your settings related to TCP/IP, quickly and easily. If you use your computer at several locations in the network, or you need to use your computer in more than one network and you have to switch your IP address settings, then Ultimate IP Changer is a perfect product for you!

Skype Lite Client

Skype Lite Client is a powerful and tiny application, offering users to effortlessly chat with Skype friends even when their screen is engaged with more essential windows. It usually lies in taskbar's notification area and with just a single click a user can choose a friend with whomever you desire to start chat.

Windows Live History Manager

Windows Live History Manager is a unique application that allows users to delete specific messages from history log. While Windows Live Messenger allows users only to delete the whole conversation history, with Windows Live History Manager users can choose which messages they want to delete.